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Once upon a time, I had a LiveJournal. I did a lot of whining in it, which covered a period of my life in which I was in a lot of pain due to a MU* community that seemed to love me and my muse there having turned on me, and then my having been directed to the "refuge" of an even nastier MU* community. (I don't use the term "muse" lightly, either; to me, it's more than just a cute term for "character".)

I hope I never have to document a period like that here.

Anyway, I don't know if I'll end up using this a lot. I do have the Plurk [ profile] Pteryx for random chatter, after all. I'm really on DW primarily for RP purposes -- a continuation of my having gotten into LJRP early in the year. I danced around specifics in my LJ due to possible leftover vultures circling that thing, but I feel I can be more open here: [personal profile] truthsnomiracle is my Miles Edgeworth account, and for the foreseeable future I don't intend to play anyone else on LJRP. Heck, if the need to have some outlet for my passion for the character wasn't so strong, I might never have joined such a neat RP medium -- or even discovered it in the first place, for that matter, as I first learned that (pan)fandom RP on LJ was a thing due to tripping over a long-standing Edgeworth LJ account while doing an image search for him. Maybe I'll TL;DR about my thoughts on journal RP sometime.

Anyway, if anything I expect this journal to mostly contain OOC stuff related to journal RP -- my HMD, possible icon posts, maybe an essay now and then about Edgeworth or the medium or the culture... We'll see what happens, at any rate. It just seems like there's a lot of expectation that a personal journal will be present here and there was very little time left during which to claim it, so here it is. -- Pteryx


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